• We specialize in Boiler cleaning, Safety Inspections, and Flashing systems.In order to have a safe and efficiently working heating system, regular boiler maintenance is required.The boiler should be inspected by a professional licensed gas fitter at least once a year.

    Boilers could potentially face a range of problems over time, just like anything else. This is why we strongly recommend annual safety inspections in preventing fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, corrosion and deterioration. A small repair in the present will likely prevent major problems in the future. This also ensures that your boiler lasts longer.


    • Check the boiler press and temperature settings
    • Check the expansion tank and the boiler feed
    • Check for any signs of leakage
    • Check the condition of the valves and vents
    • Check if the boiler relief valve and the auto-vents are clean and not corroding or deteriorating
    •  Check the wiring condition
    • Check the pumps
    • Check the high limit switch
    • Check the zone valves
    • Examine mixing valve
    • Examine gas manifold pressure
    • Adjust the burners
    • Carbon Monoxide test